The Big Shelf
Alongside the day job we always have a few side projects on the go and from time to time will try to add information about some of them here. It's normally busy in the shop therefore these projects tend to spend much of their time on the shelf and since there are quite a few of these projects it's a pretty big shelf!

Up there somewhere are modified 36hp engines, a couple of well known turbo motors, a couple of motorbikes, a Fiat 600, a Barn Door, a Belly Tank and lots of other stuff much of which we simply don't have enough time to get back to.

As time permits we may also add information here on some of the stuff we are working on.

The Cogbox Fiat 600 - Part 1, Background (January 2013)

The Cogbox Fiat, a 1962 600D is probably our best known project so here's a little history on the car. Going back to the late 90s I'd become interested in the Little Giant Killer Fiat belonging to Lloyd Mosher and had in fact enquired about buying it however at that time it wasn't for sale but I liked the idea of a Fiat and decided to do one from scratch, it was just a case of waiting for a suitable car to turn up.... [More]