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The Cogbox Website (January 2013)

The Cogbox website has been residing on a computer in the corner of the shop for some time and we've enjoyed having a steady stream of visitors pop over to see it however, it was recently put to us that this has been slightly inconvenient and having given this some thought we came up with a solution to this problem and decided, after some deliberation to stick it on the web alongside all the other sites that live out there. This site can therefore now be visited from a number of different locations.

Don't get too carried away though, just because we now have a website doesn't mean we're now an 'e-business', we're not so you won't be able to 'Click Here' (or anywhere else for that matter) to buy a gearbox from us because that would be daft. Indeed we will still work in much the same way we've always done as this seems to have kept our customers happy all this time and we don't want to change that.

For this reason please bear in mind that we don't use e-mail a huge amount as it is important to understand the details when specifying work therefore it is best to call us on 0208 842 2580 to discuss your requirements individually. We welcome visitors to our North West London location but if you live further afield we can ship to anywhere in the UK, Europe or indeed anywhere in the World although some destinations can be expensive. If you let us know where you are we can get you a quote. As part of our service our courier can collect gearboxes from the customers address which helps to keep things simple. If needs be, being less than 20 minutes from Heathrow we can also fly out with your gearbox and fit it on-site pretty much anywhere on the planet. That said having done this before we'd probably recommend other less expensive options unless this was absolutely essential!

We are open weekdays between 9:00am & 5:00pm and will always try to take calls however at times this can be difficult in which case please leave a message and we will get back to you.