The range of gearboxes we specialise in includes all Volkswagen Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 25s as well as all Porsche 356, 914 and 911 models up until and including the 993 range.

Volkswagen Gearboxes
Volkswagen gearboxes are at the heart of our business and over the years we've built thousands of them, everything from Schwimmwagens to Type 25 Syncros and anything in between. We can offer everything from a simple repair to a replacement box and are always happy to advise of suitable options. We have a huge stock and of original and quality aftermarket parts for all years and types from the 1930s onwards and to this day have never been unable to meet a requirement no matter how obscure.

Porsche Gearboxes
The air-cooled Porsche is a close cousin of the Volkswagen and it was only natural that we'd get enquiries from Porsche owners about their gearboxes and we were happy to oblige. Porsche Gearboxes now represent a significant proportion of our business and as with Volkswagens we can offer everything from a simple repair to a replacement box. As with our VW boxes we always have a huge stock of original parts available ensuring that we can turn round any requirements quickly.

Bespoke Transmissions
Whether you're looking for slightly different ratios, have a rare circuit race car utilising a Volkswagen or Porsche transmission, an unusual conversion or are after an all-out drag racing box we can always help. Unusual jobs passing through our workshop recently have included Porsche GT boxes as well as transmissions from Mendeola and Hewland. Conversions we regularly see include Renault and Subaru.